by Stephenie

Why one earth does anyone make fruitcakes anymore?

Actually, I have a theory. I do not think that anyone actually makes them anymore. I think every single fruitcake that is on this earth has either been regifted every year since about 1978, OR falls into my fruitcake conspiracy theory.

I think that each year, after everyone throws out their fruitcakes, the fruitcake sellers scour the dump and repackage them and sell them the following year. No need to worry about someone getting sick and suing them- no one eats the things!

What a great money making scam! No need to pay for expensive kitchens and factories when you just repackage your vile junk before putting it on the shelf again!

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Oct 04, 2010
Fruitcakes can be good.
by: Kathy

I disagree that all fruit cakes are bad. They can be very, very delicious when prepared correctly.

I know it's funny to repeat that tired old joke that all the fruit cakes in the world have been recycled from 1978 (didn't Johnny Carson first make that joke on the Tonight Show back then?), but it's simply not true.

Fruit cakes can be moist and tasty, as long as the baker knows what they're doing.

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