WWE Cake!

by Kristina Radford
(North Carolina)

WWE Cake

WWE Cake

My son is 10 years old. For years, he and my husband would love to get in the kitchen and make all kinds of cakes, cookies, pies and whatever else they could come up with!

My husband is a retired disabled veteran and one day he just decided that he was going to take a class on how to make and decorate cakes. After his classes, he would come home and make all kinds of cakes and decorate them with my son to see if he could actually duplicate what he had learned in class.

Our son's birthday was coming up, and my son is a HUGE John Cena and Rey Mysterio fanatic and he wanted a cake with John & Rey on the cake. Well, of course, we could not find anyone who could make a cake with WWE Wrestling stars on it! My husband went online and started looking around and came across a website that sold the stuff needed to make edible image cakes.

Well, he bought all the stuff he needed to print out these sheets (which is mainly a normal printer that uses edible inks and a software program that can place any image you can find onto an edible frosting sheet). I found the images online and and basically made it to look like it was just one actual picture and my husband made the cake and put the image on it!!

My son had a big birthday with tons of friends and their parents, and now my husband has pretty much started his own little cake business!! We have had so many people be utterly amazed at the images that I can create (I am a graphics designer) and the taste and look of my husband's cakes.

Most people like the edible image cakes because they can be personalized with their own photos and not the store bought pre-made images that you get from grocery stores and such. And believe it or not, there is so much stuff you can do with the edible images. You can make them round, square, colorful, make a collage of pictures, and you can even use them to decorate the sides of the cakes.

Most people can't afford to go out and buy all of the equipment needed to make these edible images, but you can find someone who does have the stuff, email them the pictures you want on the cake or give them an idea of what you want on the cake and believe it or not these sheets can be mailed to you from across the country!!

You make the cake, have someone make the image and they send it to you, and then you place it on the cake (which is extremely easy!) This cake for my son was the very first edible image cake that we made (but it definitely isn't the best) but we are very proud of it as our first and our son constantly talks about it still and shows everyone he knows the pictures of the cake!!

Basically what I am saying, is that if you have the opportunity to have one of these image cake made for you, it really is a very UNIQUE way to make a cake and you are only limited by your imagination.

We used a basic 9x13 cake pan, buttercream icing, and a "kicked up" boxed cake mix like Duncan Hines, and an edible image frosting sheet.

If you would like to see more of the cakes we have made, so you can get some ideas or see some of the AMAZING things you can do with edible images, just let me know and I will be happy to send you some photos!!

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May 26, 2011
edible images
by: Anonymous

We have bought, and they are extremely hard to get on. Every one we have bought (about 5) we have had to rig after it tore or melted, etc.

Jan 20, 2011
need help
by: Anonymous

how do I get one of these? My grandson loves this cake and we would like to have one for his birthday, but his party is this Sat. Jan 22...Please tell me what to do? Thank you

Oct 11, 2010
john cena
by: Anonymous

do u have any other images of john cena ?
my sons birthday is coming up the 28th of oct, and i cant find any images anywhere ? plz get a hold of me @ codysmommy321028@aol.com

Jun 16, 2010
need a wwe cake
by: keagirl

my son is a big john cena fan and he wants a wwe cake so bad for his bday!! his party is july 17 so please contact me back asap!!!!!!!! he'a been a wwe fan for years!! i really want dis cake!! contact me at arreyone8@yahoo.com

Jul 09, 2009


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