Wii Cake

by Helena
(Erie, PA)

Wii Cake

Wii Cake

My 11-year-old son loves video games, and he never seems to stop talking about the Nintendo Wii. For their birthday, I not only got them a Wii, but I made them a Wii cake! The cake is designed after the console and two of the controllers.

I didn't use any special pans, but I did have to cut the cake in certain places to get the shape right. They were very simple modifications, and can be seen easily in the picture.

I baked the cakes using plain yellow cake mixes, then cut one of the cakes in half to make the two controllers. I then frosted the cakes with white frosting and decorated them carefully with grey, blue, and red icing. It was very simple once I found a good picture of the Wii online. :)

I found it much easier to decorate the cakes after placing them on cardboard covered with aluminum foil. If you plan on making this cake, have fun! It's very simple, and your kids will love it.

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