Who Doesn't Love Fruitcakes??

by Jaci
(Grand Prairie, Tx)

When I was growing up, my older generation relatives were always baking fruitcakes and giving them as gifts. You could always look under the Christmas Tree and tell who was going to get one instead of the usual fuzzy sweater. I used to love them back then.

As I got a little older, my taste for them changed. I had already consumed numerous brands/types and was a little tired of them by my adult years. I had left such a memory of my love for them on my Grandmother and such that I didn't have the heart to tell her that I no longer liked them.

Every year around Christmas time I get a fruitcake in the mail. I usually regift them to coworkers, but one time was actually crafty enough to put it in another tin and give it to my Aunt (Grandma's daughter) for Christmas. I felt a little guilty by then and always wanted to confess to my Grandmother about my hate of them, so last Christmas I finally sat down with Grandma and had the "talk."

After telling her, she sat down and looked at me and said,"Thank God, because I was tired of having to make them for you every year." She actually told me that for a couple of them either my gift was regifted to me or that she had purchased one at Gethsemani Farms.

I looked online and found that the were almost $30. I could have saved her a lot of money if I would have just remembered that Grandma will love me no matter what.

I learned my lesson! Had I just been honest, I would have saved myself the embarrassment of having to admit to my dear, sweet Grandma that I had lied! Next time I come into a situation like this, I will definately be honest.

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