White Wedding

White Wedding

White Wedding

I loved our wedding cake, it was so beautiful! We had a total of 4 tiers and in between each tier we had our black magic roses. Each tier had a different kind of cake in it, the bottom and top tier is my husband's favorite cake which is a chocolate cake called "black magic" and it has a whipped cream center, another layer was carrot cake and the last was a lemon cake with raspberry filling.

I wanted a cake that would be simple but elegant too. That was what I wanted for our whole wedding, simple and elegant. We had a winter wedding and I did not want the pointsettias that were typical for winter weddings so we went with burgandy and silver. We were also on a budget so we used foilage where we could as well.

Our cake was made to serve 100 guests and we had only a little bit left over after the reception. I think the total cost of our cake would have been about $300, but it was a wedding gift since I was good friends with the baker.

I wanted to see what the cake would taste like so while I was planning my wedding any bridal or baby shower that I hosted I had her make a cake with one of the flavors that I wanted (my cake lady didn't do tastings at the time).

Good luck and have fun! The best advice I can offer is do what you can ahead of time so you can enjoy your out of town guests and have fun.

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