White Strawberry Cake Recipe

by Tonya Gray
(Tampa, Florida)

Someone I knew baked this white strawberry cake for my wedding. It was so good and she told me how she made it. It's also so easy!

Take a white cake mix and prepare it as usual. Divide batter between two prepared round cake pans. Take a couple of tablespoons of strawberry preserves chunky is good) and swirl it into both cake pans to evenly distribute preserves. Bake as directed. When the cakes are removed from the oven and cooled, spread the top of both cakes with more preserves.

Mix a container of white frosting and cool whip. Spread over whole cake and between layers, on top of the preserves.

This makes the most tender and fresh-tasting cake I've had. I use it now for birthdays and it is our family favorite!

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