White On Off White Wedding Cake

by Shana

White On Off White Wedding Cake

White On Off White Wedding Cake

I decided I wanted a simple, elegant cake, one without icing flowers, or other clutter. I did like the single row of pearls around each layer, but I was slightly disappointed with the overall result; I did not anticipate plastic cherubs, but I guess that is what they call the "mother-in-law" effect!

A tip: if you request bright white detailing done on an off-white/cream color cake, be very specific as to how dark you want the icing to be. You cannot even see any contrast on my cake.

Another tip: be there, or have a trusted friend with an eye for detail there, at the time the cake is delivered. The cardboard under my top layer didn't lay flat, and it looked awful, but of course my husband didn't notice when they set it up.

The cake was purchased from Fred Meyer, and served 150 guests. I paid $250. I am now wishing I hadn't skimped, as I am always going to remember how unhappy I was with the darn thing!

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