Whale Cake For 2nd Birthday

by Kim
(Pittsburgh, PA)

Whale Cake For 2nd Birthday

Whale Cake For 2nd Birthday

For my son's 2nd birthday, being that it was in the summer, we decided to go with an ocean/water theme and I made a whale cake.

To do this, you simply have to make a 10 inch round cake, and then a small heart cake for the tail. I cut a notch out of the round cake to accommodate the pointy part of the heart cake to make the whale tail.

I actually made cupcakes for the water spout and laid them out (be sure to remove the paper wrapping first!) in the shape that I wanted and then carved them to resemble the water spout more.

I then covered the whole cake in smooth white icing, and then using a star tip #16 to cover the water spout. I then covered the body of the cake with the same star #16 tip in the blue icing, leaving the space for the whale's mouth. I used black icing for the eyes by making two small dots with icing and then flattening them down with a finger dipped in cornstarch. The three dots below the spout were made with royal blue icing, again by just making three dots and flattening them down with a finger dipped in cornstarch.

My advice is to make sure that you have a big enough cake board to accommodate the cake and the spout. It is a big cake and needs lots of room. I secured the cake and the spout to the cake board using piping gel. This just made everything stay where I put it (especially the cupcakes on top) and I didn't have to worry about it moving later. I have also made these into individual cupcakes for one of his other birthday parties, and they looked just as adorable!

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