Wedding Shower Cake

by Amanda Nettgen

Wedding Shower Cake

Wedding Shower Cake

On my last day at work before I went off to get married, my boss and co-workers surprised me with this beautiful cake, balloons, presents, and other festivities! It was one of the best parts of getting married for me, since I did not have a big, grand wedding or anything.

The style of the cake is classic white frosting with yellow filling. Both sections are heart shaped, which I thought was a good idea and having them sprinkled with rose petals - my favorite flower - was a nice addition. Those are ideas similar to what I would have used had I ordered from a cake shop. (Indeed, weeks prior, my boss secretly played a "getting to know you" game to help plan this!).

My boss actually made this cake herself, so it can be done, ladies! Just ask around - you may have an artistic baking friend who could save you loads on your cake. I was very impressed.

As you can see, the cake wasn't particularly large. Another couple of layers would have made it suitable for a big group. But it was enough for a couple servings for each co-worker, plus the entire top cake for my future husband and I to take home.

I'm not sure how much it cost as it was a surprise, but my boss made it herself, so I'm sure such beauty was pulled off rather inexpensively.

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