Wedding Fruitcake

by Mary

My husband and I were married on the island of Tobago. Our wedding was arranged by the hotel and had a decidedly Caribbean theme, including a steel drum band playing the wedding march. Included in our wedding package was also a "traditional Tobago wedding cake." Our ceremony was at sunset, so it was dark by the time we were cutting into the cake, which looked to me, in the fading light of dusk, like chocolate. When the knife refused to cut, I began to realize there was something unusual about this cake. When I lifted a slice, it was heavy and dense. When I tried to mush it in my husband's face - the traditional "first bite" - it crumbled away in dense chunks.

The traditional wedding cake of Tobago turned out to be fruitcake! Eeew. Not only was it hard, dry and tasteless, but we had a heck of a time getting the leftovers through airport security. Here we were with this foil-wrapped brick of wedding cake trying to explain to the TSA that we're not smuggling drugs, but fruitcake!

The thing was so dense they didn't believe it was cake. We had to unwrap it and show them - I'm just thankful they didn't ask us to eat a piece as proof. Before you get married in a foreign land, make sure of the local customs!

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