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This is our central page for Wedding Cakes.  As new articles are written and additional pages are added to the website, we will link to them from this page.   

Homemade Wedding Cakes:

My First Practice Wedding Cake  Stephanie from Oklahoma made this cake for her Wilton Class 3 Course, which was her initial inspiration in learning how to do wedding cakes. She enjoyed showing it off to her friends and family!

Homemade Wedding Cake  This was submitted by Bill, from Trenton, New Jersey.  He provides some practical advise on how to prepare a weeding cake for a family friend, including letting the young couple select their wedding cake topper.

Meringue Baskets Wedding Cake This unique idea for a wedding cake (pictured below) was sent in by Winnie, from South Africa. 

Meringue Baskets Wedding Cake

Meringue Baskets Wedding Cake

A Cheesecake Wedding Cake  We thank Pat from Houston for providing very detailed instructions on how to made this cake.  her advice is to do some some smaller practice cakes before tackling the real thing.

Spice Cake For Wedding This very nice looking spice cake was sent in by Brenda from New York. Her boyfriend made it for her son's wedding for less than $30.  It really looks great. 

Here are lots more Homemade Wedding Cakes that were made by family members, friends, and sometimes even by the bride herself. 

If you are looking to make your own wedding cake it starts with having the right pans.

You can probably get any kind you are looking for at a good price on eBay.  Take a look at the current eBay auctions for the keyword phrase "wedding cake pans."  You might find the ones that you are looking for.  Good Luck!


Wedding Cake Articles:

Fall Wedding Cakes: Suggested themes and and pictures. 

Groom's Cakes: Four themes for groom's cakes. 

How To Make A Wedding Cake: Tips on how to make a wedding cake using the right supplies like a plywood foundation, dowels, cardboard and aluminum foil. This will be helpful if you are looking to make your own wedding cake.

Wedding Cake Decorations: This article gives helpful tips on, and pictures of, some favorite decorations, including toppers, knife decorations, flowers, etc.    

Wedding Cake Ideas: Some ideas that will help in the planning.  

Wedding Cake Pictures: Pictures of interesting traditional and unusual wedding cakes to help give you ideas for your own wedding.  

Wedding Cake Stands: How to locate any type, including acrylic and polypropylene stands, which can cost as little as $15. 

Square Wedding Cakes: While most brides go with the traditional round cake, some choose square ones.

How To Cut A Wedding Cake: Tips on what kind of wedding cake knife to use, how to keep things clean, as well as what size the pieces should be for certain guests.

How To Decorate A Wedding Cake Table: Tips on linens, flower arrangements, photos and knives and spatulas for the wedding cake table.    


Hawaiian Wedding Cake:  See some Hawaiian Wedding Cake recipes that contain generous amounts of pineapple and exotic ingredients like macadamia nuts. 

Italian Wedding Cake:  Made with fruits and nuts, Italian Wedding cakes are not anything like the sugary, white American version.

Bridal Shower Cake Ideas from formal to funny.


Wedding Books: Search for wedding books. 

Wilton Wedding Cakes: Everything you need to create a wedding cake yourself -- from pans to Wilton wedding cake toppers. -- A full service wedding site. Offers ideas to help plan your reception. View photos, get decorating tips and locate wedding reception facilities, vendors and services. Maternity wedding attire, including dresses, lingerie, shoes and the maternity bride's wardrobe for her honeymoon. The site also has tips for pregnant bridesmaids and assistance with all aspects of maternity weddings.

The Bargaining Bride has a helpful page showing the best way to buy a wedding cake as well as lots of free things you can use when planning your wedding.  

Wedding Flowers and Reception Ideas is a wedding flowers site that has hundreds of pictures and ideas for bridal bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, centerpieces, & ceremony decor. It also has some great wedding cake info.  




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