Wedding Cake With Red Roses

by Christine
(Morristown, NJ)

Wedding Cake With Red Roses

Wedding Cake With Red Roses

Our wedding cake with red roses was the topping of a beautiful day. A simply beautiful cake. Our wedding was classic and simple. Therefore, I wanted our cake to match the atmosphere.

The cake was a tiered white iced cake with red roses flowing down the tiers. My bridesmaids wore a burgundy colored dress and the roses matched perfectly.

Our wedding cake was included in the cost of the recpetion. It came as part of the package. The reception hall recommended a bakery that they had used previously and had good experiences with.

The cake was a good size and fed about 150 guests.

Choosing a baker that fits all your needs is recommended. They will listen to what you want and if you have a bad first impression of them, then you will probably not be able to convey what you want your cake to be.

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