Wedding Cake With Cascading Roses

by Michelle
(Refugio, TX)

Wedding Cake With Cascading Roses

Wedding Cake With Cascading Roses

We chose this cake because it matched our personal style and the style of the wedding. Everything was red roses with greenery on a stark white, uncluttered background in a very classic look.

We have a friend that makes wedding cakes, and she was kind enough to provide this cake for us as our wedding gift. She would generally charge about $1,200 for our cake, which served around 200 people.

The cake was four tiers, with each tier being a different flavor. The bottom tier was 16 inches, and a traditional white cake, but with a strawberries and creme filling.

The second tier, 14 inches, was chocolate with chocolate creme filling, and the third tier, 12 inches, was red velvet cake with cream cheese filling.

The top layer was 10 inches, and it was half chocolate, half red velvet - because those were the favorites of my husband and me.

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