Wedding Cake Pictures

Here are some wedding cake pictures that have been sent into the site over a period of time. There is also a slide show with some of our favorites. We hope that you enjoy them.

The first picture is of a traditional wedding cake. We've all eaten them many times in the past, but they still taste great as a sweet treat to enjoy after eating too much salty food at the reception. That's why our wedding cake gallery begins with a traditional one.  

             Traditional Wedding Cake             

Fall wedding cakes like the one below, are extremely popular.  Here are some more pictures of fall wedding cakes.

Fall Wedding Cake

The picture with the dramatic lighting below depicts a chocolate wedding cake. Some brides have chocolate wedding cake favors as well. While we usually prefer traditional wedding cakes, we love chocolate wedding cakes as well.  

Chocolate Wedding Cake

 The picture below, one of the prettiest of all the photos of wedding cakes, is of a stunning traditional wedding cake.  

Wedding Cake Pictures


The slideshow of wedding cake pictures shown below were submitted by visitors on this page



Square wedding cakes are popular. The square 3 tier beauty below is adorned with rose petals. 

Square Wedding Cake

The next one is a black and white wedding cake. Brides are always searching for pictures of black and white wedding cakes to get an idea of some of the possibilities if they choose that theme. Like every other kind, black and white wedding cake designs also come in a great variety.     

Black And White Wedding Cake

A heart-shaped wedding cake is pictured below.

Heart Shaped Wedding Cake

The picture below is of another traditional version with a bride and groom wedding cake topper. People are always searching for unique wedding cake toppers, and believe me, there are lots of them out there!  

Classic Wedding Cake


If you have a favorite photo of your wedding cake you can put it on postage stamps, or create any one of dozens of cool products with it.

See below for details:


Below are a couple of beach themed wedding cakes, which come in a great variety and are only limited by the imagination.   

Beach Wedding Cake Pictures


A Beach Theme Wedding Cake

Blue wedding cakes?  The one below, beautifully photographed, sure looks tasty!

Blue Wedding Cake Picture

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