Wedding Cake Pan



Are you looking for a wedding cake pan?

If you are doing your own wedding and you are looking to save money, making your own wedding cake is one way to cut costs.

Check out the eBay auctions on this page to see if the pans you are looking for are there.  

By using eBay for this item (and other items) for your big day you will:

  • Save time since you can find just about anything you need with a few keystrokes.
  • Save gas money since you can shop from your computer instead of running around town looking for everything.
  • Be able to re-sell everything you used for the wedding after the reception and get a good bit of your money back.

For the cost conscious bride, this is a great way to go.  

Find the right pans and make a bid now! (If this is your first time, registering for eBay is easy and it is free).     


Money-saving Tip: You can click here to get a good deal on any item for your wedding, including cake toppers, knife sets, toasting glasses, fountains, cake stands, flowers, and more.  


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