Wedding Cake From Lincoln Bakery In Pittsburgh PA

by Lori
(Pittsburgh, PA, USA)

Wedding Cake From Lincoln Bakery In Pittsburgh PA

Wedding Cake From Lincoln Bakery In Pittsburgh PA

Our wedding cake was fantastic! Lincoln Bakery always does a great job. It looked great and tasted delicious.

It was three tiers of almond cake with chocolate mousse between the layers. It was frosted with a traditional buttercream, and each layer had a coordinated but unique decoration of pearls and swirls. The cake decorations mirrored the swirls in my gown and the pearls that I and my attendants wore.

Our cake top was glass engraved with our names and the date, although it's hard to see in this picture. We had 145 guests and this cake served our guests, plus allowed us to have the top layer for our first anniversary (it was still pretty good even then!).

I'm not sure exactly what it cost, because it was ordered as part of a package with our reception site, but they told us we would have received about a $300 discount off the reception cost if we'd chosen to get our cake elsewhere.

Editor's Note: That's a beautiful cake, Lori. Thanks for sending it in. It will help other brides in the Pittsburgh area who may be considering using Lincoln Bakery for their wedding cake.

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