Wedding Cake Decorations


Wedding Cake Decorations              

Wedding cake decorations are almost limitless in variety and theme. A wise decorator draws on the personality and background of bride and groom and their families and heritage, the season, or some pet interest. The formality of the wedding and reception will also affect how innovative the choices may be. 

On the cake itself, decorations may be as simple as fresh flowers, ferns and greenery, or elaborate creations in fondant or marzipan to reflect a wedding theme. If the wedding is very formal, decorations will usually be restrained and often in simple white. Less formal weddings may use very whimsical decorations that are meaningful to the couple. 

Traditional Wedding Cake

An obvious choice for both wedding cake and the table displaying it is the use of flowers, usually fresh, but sometimes silk or other artificial flowers which may be keepsakes to take away. Use the some of the same flowers as those used in the bouquet or the other table decorations. 

The knife used by bride and groom to cut the first slice is also traditionally decorated, usually with a bow of ribbon in the bride’s colors, or even made of lace like that in the bridal gown or veil. Decorations on the knife should be simple and not so bulky as to interfere with the cake cutting. 

For the cake itself, the top layer is a center of interest, and a wedding cake topper of some sort is usually used. An exception might be a very austere fondant covered cake with a simple top, or a bouquet of blossoms on top with a garland of flowers spiraling down the other layers. 

Most commonly, a topper will be a representation of a bride and a groom, possibly in some sort of setting, such as a gazebo. Ready made cake toppers are very commonly used and these can be made more beautiful by adding flowers or other decorations. Weaving ribbons in the bride’s colors through the lattice of a plastic gazebo makes it much more special. Some families may even have heirloom toppers that they would like to use, so be sure to ask. 

Whatever decorations are chosen for cake, topper, table of knife, they should be harmonious with the other decorations of the reception area, the wedding’s formality and the preferences of the couple. 



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