Wedding Cake Decorating


Wedding cake decorating: Should you try it?

The cake is one of the most important things in a wedding. It can prove to be very expensive, so an alternative is to bake it yourself. 

You will save a lot of money and you will also be able to add your personal touch and be creative. 

You need to have a basic plan or design of how to make your cake as in how many layers etc. 


It is also important to have the right type tools for the cake decorating and baking. 

You need to have to have piping bags of different sizes, turn tables and angled spatulas.  Dowels and pillars can be used for the decoration of the cake.  

Enough Time?

Another essential thing required is time, if you do not have enough time just before the big event, it is better to buy it from the bakery. 

You should not waste your time and energy on wedding cake decorating if you have limited time and resources and a million other things to do. 

Flowers: Fresh or Artificial

You have a decision about the flowers.  Most of the time they are fresh, but silk or other artificial flowers can be used.  They can be given away to guests or participants.  

The gorgeous traditional wedding cake below is adorned with lovely flowers. 

Traditional Wedding Cake With Flowers

Make sure that the cake matches the theme of your wedding. The color can match the the clothes or the general set up of the venue. 


The most common topper is a representation of a bride and a groom. A great place to see a variety wedding cake toppers is eBay. 

If your family has an heirloom topper that fits in with your wedding's colors, you should use it. 

Whatever decorations are chosen, by making sure they are harmonious with everything else in the reception area, you will be happy. 



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