Volcano Dinosaur Cake

by Becky
(Toledo Ohio)

Volcano Dinosaur Cake

Volcano Dinosaur Cake

My twin boys are really into dinosaurs so this year for their 4th birthday, I made a dinosaur themed cake. It was actually a volcano, with dinos all around it.

It was 4 diferent sized cakes stacked on top each other, the top cake I cooked in a large glass measuring cup to make it rounded.

The center had a pvc pipe that we put dry ice in so the volcano would smoke.

I had fake water streaming down the side. I did that by making a batch of hard candy, coloring it blue, pouring it onto a flat surface, and then molding it to fit the right way before it cooled.

It turned out really neat, my boys loved it!

Editor's Note: That's a great cake, Becky. Thanks for providing the details on how you created and decorated it. Other moms will appreciate the tips.

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