Violin Cake

by rockrick3

Violin Cake

Violin Cake

Violin Cake
Violin Cake 2

My dearest younger brother was 10 years old when I took the initiative to prepare a wonderful birthday cake. As he likes to play the violin I wanted to take him by surprise by shaping the cake like the violin. But the biggest problem was there was no pan in the market which had a shape like a violin. So I decided to make it myself!

I gathered hard synthetic cardboard that would not melt in high heat and carved it into the shape of a violin!

At first I put in flour and egg and mixed it with water.

I continued mixing the mixture (marinating) about an hour and added chocolate chips and strawberry flakes to add taste.

Then I poured the whole preparation into the violin shaped cardboard pan and put the mixture into micro-oven for baking the lower layer. I bought ready-made cream from the market to design the upper layer.

After the cake was baked I spread the cream over it to make the upper layer and made it smooth followed by making the designs and writing my brother's name with the cream tube pen!

That was it!

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