Valentines Day Cakes

Here are some ideas for Valentines Day Cakes

With romance in mind, cakes for Valentine’s Day are usually a bit sentimental and possibly even old fashioned, with the predominant shape being that of a heart. Fortunately, heart shaped pans are very easy to come by at mass market and discount stores as well as online at numerous sites. Some bargain pans can often be located in online auction sites such as eBay. Search for the term “heart shaped cake pans” or search for “Wilton” since this manufacturer specializes in specialty pans as well as decoration supplies. 

Valentines Day Cakes

The heart shape can be made without any special pan at all very easily. A paper template can be used to cut a heart from a sheet cake of course, but the heart shape can readily be made from a square and a round pan with the same width or diameter. (That is, a square 8” pan and a round 8” pan, or a square 9” pan and a round 9” pan, etc.). Simply cut the round cake neatly into halves and align one half circle along each of two adjacent sides of the square cake for a perfect heart. 



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Hearts are not the only shapes for Valentine’s Day, of course. Flowers, especially traditional ones like forget-me-nots, and violets, are another popular choice, as are cakes shaped like or decorated like Cupid. An arrow, supposedly from Cupid’s bow, may be added to the heart shaped cakes as well. 

Cakes for children usually feature several Valentine logos and may be covered with those little candy “message” hearts for a simple and fun decoration. 

Another clever and romantic choice for a proposal is a cake shaped like a ring box, or decorated including one that opens to reveal an engagement ring. 

Incorporating a music box in a Valentines Day cake is also charming and includes a gift as part of the cake as well. Just be careful to protect the box from damage from the icing and other decorations. 

A more contemporary choice is using an actual photograph made into a decal with special printers and edible inks for a portrait of a couple or a favorite place right on the cake. A cake can also be decorated with some symbol or picture that has special meaning for a couple. 


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