Updated Duckie WeddingTradition

by Evie
(Oklahoma City)

Duckie Delight Wedding Cake

Duckie Delight Wedding Cake

I'm half Korean and I married a cracker. Please don't take offense, if you like my cake you hopefully share a similar sense of humor.

Ducks and geese are good luck during weddings in Korean culture. My husband understood my desire to have a little of my culture in our wedding, but we wanted to Americanize it represent the marriage of different cultures.

I took a bit of a different approach to my wedding day. The main thing was that by the end of the day, I would be married to the man I love. The reception is just a way to celebrate with friends and family. I didn't worry about people making snide remarks about the food, cake or decorations. If they have to belittle those minor details, then they really weren't there to share in our joy.

My mother made the cake. She just used Duncan Hines mix and added a little mayo to keep it moist. We bought the cake tier from Micheals with a 50% off coupon. She make the icing with cool whip and cream cheese. I made the ducks on top. The cake might have cost $45 all together.

There were about 100 people at our reception and there was plenty of left over cake. To all of the brides out there, remember it really is a day to enjoy and don't worry so much what other people think.

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