Tube Cake Pan


Searching for a quality tube cake pan?

You can probably find the right one here among the eBay auctions shown below.

At times we have seen the Wilton Avanti 9X3 non-stick fluted pan, vintage aluminum angel food pans, mini fluted tube pans from Baker's Secret, the Kitcehn Aid rose silicone pan, and even a square angel food pan. 

Why use eBay for this item?

  • It will definitely save time because you can often find the right item in minutes.
  • It will save gas money since you can shop from your computer instead of running around town.
  • You can even resell the item on eBay after the party.

Go ahead place your bid right now!

If this is your first time trying eBay, you can register for free in minutes.  


Helpful Hint: To locate the exact pan you are interested in, just type in its name in the eBay search box above.     

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