Truck Cake For Robert

by Michelle

Truck Cake For Robert

Truck Cake For Robert

I'm a teacher, and I was actually inspired to make this cake for one of my students who had recently been orphaned. It was for his 18th birthday. I wanted it to be really special.

I used two 9" cake pans, and sprayed them with the type of nonstick spray that has flour in it.

The cake is a super-moist one that I make frequently. Basically, all you do is add a large box of chocolate pudding mix, one cup of oil and a bag of small chocolate chips to a regular cake mix. Add two more eggs than usual, too.

For the frosting, I mixed up whipping cream, melted chocolate chips and powdered sugar until I got the consistency right. I didn't use a recipe. The "mud puddles" are made out of melted chocolate chips with a little added cream.

I sprinkled some little cows on the cake in the "road." (People are always hitting cows around here in their trucks, sad to say.) The truck was selected by my son at a local discount store.

We had an absolute blast making this cake, and Robert and the rest of the class certainly enjoyed eating it!

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