Tree Frog Cake

by Gael M.
(Plano, Texas)

Frog Cake

Frog Cake

My son happened to be home from college on his birthday this year, so to make it more special, I made him a frog cake. He has collected frog figurines, toys and soft animals for many years, but had never had a frog cake.

I used a Duncan Hines yellow cake mix which I poured into the prepared pan. I always prepare my pan with a Wilton product called "Cake Release." It works much better than the old "grease and flour" method. Because there are so many nooks and crannies in the frog shaped pan I was using, I had to make sure it was well "greased."

After pouring the batter in, I swirled some gel food coloring in the middle to approximate the "guts." I used a couple of drops of red and a couple of drops of dark green.

When the cake cooled, I iced it with store bought cream cheese icing tinted with neon green gel food coloring. Many of the details of the pan mold were lost when I iced it, but I used it as a guidline. I also used some store bought icing gel to add decorative touches to the cake.

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