Treasure Chest Cake

by Naomi
(Plano, TX)

My son dreamed of being a pirate so that is what he became for his 5th birthday party.

The quest was on for the perfect birthday cake. A ship? A treasure map? A parrot? A treasure chest? I decided to try the treasure chest.

I baked a rectangular cake. The deep dish cake pan. Once it is baked, cooled, and removed from the pan, I sliced it vertically. You want 2/3 to be the bottom & 1/3 to be the top (lid) of the chest.

I then iced the cake w/ chocolate icing and used a toothpick to make indentations similar to wood grain. I used yellow colored icing to make the metal hinges & lock on the cake.

Prior to putting the lid of the chest onto the bottom, I added "jewels" and "treasures." Play gold coins, play rings, fake pearl necklaces.

It turned out perfect! The boys loved it and the idea was used by many others after that party.

Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of it on my computer. We did not have a digital camera at that time.

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