Train Cake

by Elizabeth

Train Cake

Train Cake

I made this cake for my son's 3rd birthday. Like most little boys, he LOVES trains. My inspiration for this cake was Thomas the Train.

I bought some 1 lb. loaf pans and baked five 1 lb. loaves. I then took four of them to make the four cars. The left over loaf, I cut into various shapes and used some icing to attach the shapes to the cars to give each train car its own unique look. I used white icing and some gel food coloring to acheive the colors I wanted.

I covered a large piece of plastic in aluminum foil and iced the top of it in green icing, used kit kats, and red icing to make the train tracks on a brown iced loop I made on the green icing.

On the engine, I found a picture of my son and cut it out into a circle to put his face on the front like a Thomas train. I used Oreos for the wheels and attached different colored M&Ms in the middle of the wheels. On the coal car, I used brown M&Ms for the coal, and then I used different candies to decorate the rest.

The cake was a huge hit, and my son is still talking about it and wants another one for his 4th birthday!

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