Traditional Wedding Cake

by Oliver Smith
(Winston-Salem, North Carolina, United States)

Traditional Wedding Cake

Traditional Wedding Cake

We did not want our cake to match the color theme of our wedding. We wanted a simple, yet traditional style cake that was still beautiful and that is why we chose to keep the cake all white. The traditional layering style is a must, and you can see that the frosted design is still simple but aesthetically pleasing. We decided to have a decoration on top of the cake and feel that the traditional couple is the best way to go about it.

We had a smaller wedding of only 30 people. Not every guest chose to partake in desert and there was still some cake left over. We feel that it could have served everyone no problem.

One of my wife's college friends makes cakes so that was a huge plus for us. She did a fantastic job and the cost was only $300.

The wedding cake is one of the central parts of a wedding. Everyone makes sure to notice it immediately and it is not a decision that should be made hastily. Take your time and make sure to look at many different options taking pictures of your favorites as you go.

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