Traditional But Different Wedding Cake

by Christine
(Washington, DC)

Traditional But Different Wedding Cake

Traditional But Different Wedding Cake

I chose a very traditional cake since my wedding was mainly non-traditional. Very small, approx - 40 people. Not in a church - at a garden. The design is actually based upon the jewelry that I wore that day - European crystal jewelry that was given to me by my Stepmom.

The cake was from a local German bakery in my neighborhood that my family would occasionally buy cookies and goodies from. I wanted to patronize a local business and also honor my German heritage.
I really don't remember how much the cake cost; however, I do know that it cost much much less than if I had gone to a specialized wedding cake bakery.

There was enough cake left over that we saved the top for our first anniversary - freezing works fairly well.

I'd say the best advice is make something about your wedding personal to you. Because in the future, you're not going to remember the cost, the flavors, etc. You're going to remember the special things.

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