Tow-Mater Cake

by Melissa

Tow Mater Cake

Tow Mater Cake

Tow Mater Cake
Tow Mater Cake 2
Tow Mater Cake 3
Tow Mater Cake 4

My youngest son was turning 2 and I wanted to make a cake that he would love. At the time he was on love with the movie CARS and his favorite character was Mater. I searched the internet for templates but came up short, only to find pictures of already made cakes. With all the pictures I had looked at, I pretty much knew what I was going to do to make Mater look 3D. This was my first attempt at a 3D character cake and it turned out pretty good.

Editor's Note: Thanks, Melissa. You did a great job and the pictures will come in handy for other moms who are looking to create a cake like this for their son's birthday.

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