Three Tier Wedding Cake With Roses

Three Tier Wedding Cake With Roses

Three Tier Wedding Cake With Roses

My wedding cake was fantastic. I decided to have this style of cake because I prefer square vs. a round cake. I went with all white frosting to prevent accidental stains on the wedding dress.

I got my cake at Solano Baking Co. in Dixon, CA. They did a fantastic job with it. It was three tiers and it served just over 100 people. It cost around $550.

It was nice because my florist and my baker had done a lot of weddings together so they were able to make the cake very pretty with the flowers I wanted on it.

I had a group of 4 young boys with me when I went cake tasting and that is how I got the approval on the flavor I thought this was great fun letting my stepsons and their friends help me choose a wedding cake.

My husband and I put our initials on the cake because once we were married and I changed my name our initials were the same. We incorporated this theme onto our party favors as well.

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