Three Tier Wedding Cake With Flowers

by Patti

Three Tier Wedding Cake With Flowers

Three Tier Wedding Cake With Flowers

I had a couple criteria for a wedding cake. Of course I wanted it to look good, but I also wanted it to taste good. I have been to wedding after wedding where the cake was nothing to be excited about from a culinary standpoint. It was chocolate or vanilla, slathered with sickly sweet icing. It was just standard store-bought cake, the kind you would serve at a children's birthday party where their only desire is sugary sweetness.

My husband and I are foodies with more sophisticated palettes. We desired different flavor options and a dessert to savor, not just simply consume as part of a wedding tradition. We also were having a cake-only reception so we wanted it to stand out.

So we found a local, independent restaurant owner who also baked and decorated cakes. Her restaurant was eclectic and whimsical. The food was fresh and delicious. Our options for cake flavors and style were only limited to our desires. We sampled several that were delicious, flavorful and interesting. We looked at samples of previous cakes she had made. She seemed like more of an artist than a chef. I liked the taste and was hopeful that her design would be beautiful as well.

I knew I didn't want a huge, fancy, overembelished, cheesy cake with big pillars and fountains and plastic decorations. I wanted something simple, classy, maybe with a bit of a modern edge. Yet, I wanted it to look like a traditional, tiered white wedding cake.

I also am a chocolate lover and wanted some chocolatey options. So we decided on lemon cake with raspberry filling and buttercream icing for the cake on display. Then our cake maker baked a separate chocolate cake with chocolate ganache glaze and whipped cream to have sliced and ready to serve when the official display cake was cut and served.

With both cakes we had enough to feed 250 people. We overestimated a bit in trying to make sure we had enough to feed all our potential guests. We had enough left over to freeze the top layer for our first anniversary (it tasted awful after having been frozen a year) and some to enjoy fresh and enjoy with family and friends after we returned from our honeymoon.

So our cake ended up being a modest, three tiered cake, with simple white icing dot decorations, and fresh flowers on top. We paid $500 for all the cake. Overall, I was pretty happy with the taste and appearance of the cake. My husband was disappointed in the flavor and said it did not taste as good as the ones we had sampled. I was a little disappointed in the appearance. We never had a style truly nailed down. We just showed her the cake styles we liked and told her our wedding colors and style and trusted her creativty. I am glad I went for this type of cake, but if I had to do it over I might have a talented friend make the cake for less money.

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