Thomas The Train Cake Pan

"Throw a birthday party your child will remember forever!"


Have you been searching for a Thomas The Train cake pan?

We suggest trying eBay first. 

They usually have a cute one made by Wilton.  Often they will have somewith icing instructions, but you can always go to Wilton's website to print outtheir icing instructions.

Why should you make this cake?

  • Your child will remember this birthday forever.
  • It is easy to get the pan.  It just takes a couple of mouse clicks if you are using eBay.
  • You can resell it on eBay after the birthday to get some of your money back.     

Not an eBay member yet?  Then you'll be happy to learn that registrationis free and placing a bid is also free.

Go ahead and find one and make a lowball bid right now.  You might getlucky and get it at a great price. 

Helpful Hint: You can use the the eBay form above to search for any kind ofitem you want.  Try it to see what kind of bargains you can uncover.

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