The Wedding Cake

by Amanda K.
(Atlanta, GA)

The Wedding Cake

The Wedding Cake

The cake was for my sister's wedding. Her entire wedding theme was pure white and red. The theme incorporated red rose petals everywhere and red ribbons and napkins at the wedding. In keeping up with the theme, she decided that she wanted to have red rose petals on her cake as well. The red flowers actually looked real on the cake and very few petals were spread out evenly.

The best part about the cake is that my sister didn't have to pay for it! Our aunt has been in the cake business for some years now and she made the cake as as the wedding gift for my sister and brother-in-law.

The cake served just about 75 people. There were few pieces left over, but it was just astoundingly delicious.

Simplicity in a wedding cake is so important. While your wedding will be extravegant regardless, keep it simple with the layering, filling and toppings of your wedding cake. You wouldn't want the cake to outshine the bride!

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