The .Vending Machine Fruitcake

by Robyn
(Strathmere, NJ)

I used to work nights and generally brought my "lunch" as everyone called it. However, it was night time, so I thought of it as dinner. And what is dinner without desert.

Generally that meant a donut from across the road. But during one holiday season I spied an attractive cake in the vending machine and decided to give it a try. It was a slice of fruitcake.

It was fabulous.

Really, it was. The best I had ever eaten. Prior to this I hadn't really thought much about friutcakes, but this was special. I don't remember who made it, maybe Hostest or something, but it was fresh, moist, and didn't have nuts.

I fell in love with that fruitcake, and no other I would sample would have the same consistency of cake and bits of fruit. It melted in my mouth. My co-workers thought I was crazy, falling for a fruitcake, but I truly loved it.

It was a sad day when the holiday season was past, and the vending machine people switched to donuts or pound cake or whatever.

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