The Perfect Wedding Cake

by Grace

Perfect Wedding Cake

Perfect Wedding Cake

This cake was made by my mother and me for my wedding a few years ago. The majority of the cake was made by mother because she has more experience than I do.

Prior to making my wedding cake, my mother made about four cakes for other brides that are close to the family. A few tips that can help other brides pick out their wedding cake is to make sure to have plenty of time to decide. Having plenty of time is the key to any wedding and the wedding planning process. When things are rushed, things don't turn out well.

When deciding on your wedding cake design it's good to look at pamphlets and pictures of other cakes that are available at the bakery where wedding cakes are offered.

I decided to help my mother bake because of her prior experience and how those prior cakes turned out. I felt that I didn't need to go to a bakery because my mother's cakes look professional and well made.

It all depends on how you picture your perfect wedding cake. For my wedding cake I wanted a simple white cake with flowers that had bright colors to attract the attention to them. I have always thought that red, blue, and yellow go great with each other and decided that it was going to be the colors of my flowers on my wedding cake.

The cake took about 5 hours to prepare with baking and decorating included. We baked each tier separately in the oven for about 30 minutes each. I wanted my cake to look elegant yet simple and I believe my mom and I definitely achieved that.

Question 1) Is it best to bake your own wedding cake or purchase it from a bakery?

Answer 1) It all depends on the bride to be, some brides prefer to make their wedding cakes and others don't want to bother with the hassle so they purchase their cakes. The only difference is that by baking your cake you can save more money than by purchasing your wedding cake. When it comes to wedding cakes, bakeries aren't cheap about them.

Question 2) Should I have a fancy wedding cake or should it be simple?

Answer 2) Deciding on if the cake should be fancy or simple depends on how your wedding will be. If you are having a really fancy wedding, a simple cake would be out of place and vice versa.

Question 3) How far in advance should I have the wedding cake prepared in?

Answer 3) In order to maintain the freshness of the cake it is wise to have it made 2 days before the wedding and keep it properly stored. If you made the cake at home it would be wise to store the cake tiers separately.

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