The Neverending Fruitcake

by Treena H.
(York, South Carolina)

I absolutely hate fruitcakes with my entire being! There is nothing a person can do to a fruitcake to get me to eat one after I tried it as a kid. Whoever thought of making it probably thought they were a genius of the kitchen..until they realized they would make better hockey pucks than edible desserts!

One year my family had gotten a fruitcake. I remember I was about twelve years old and thought it was hilarious since NO ONE in my family ate them. I used it for indoor roller hockey until I got in trouble. Well we took it to the family Christmas Party and regifted it to my grandmother. She took it home and we never saw it after that so we figured she had either eaten it or thrown it away. The next year rolls around and SHE brings the fruitcake back to the party nicely wrapped and regifts it to my aunt!

My aunt put it in her pantry and forgot about it. When she was cleaning it out one day she saw it and regifted it at the next year's Christmas party to one of my other aunts!

This fruitcake had been regifted six times before I lost track of it. I am not sure exactly how many times it was regifted before someone just threw it away, but I realized then that fruitcakes apparently have no shelf life and will go on forever. Another reason to add to my list of reasons I will never eat a fruitcake!

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