The Never-Ending Cake

by Roger S.
(Staffordshire, UK)

I remember when I was about twelve I asked my mother to bake me a fruitcake to take back to school (I was in boarding school at the time and the only source of "tuck" other than school dinners was what we brought in from home at the beginning of term).

My mother is a gifted cook but cake baking was - at that time - her achilles heel. As she made the cake mixture it was apparent that it was a little dry so she added some milk, now a litle wet she added more flour, now too dry more milk was added and so on auntil she had effectively doubled the volume of the mixture with additonal four and milk.

Needless to say that the cake rose so far in the oven that it had to be cut out and has the taste and consistency of currant speckled hard-tack.

It did last all term though!

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