The Never Ending Fruitcake

by Roger
(Harrison, Arkansas)

Did you ever have something that you thought was long gone and found that it was not as gone as you had hoped? Did you ever try to get rid of something only to have it turn up again? Well - that is the story of "The Never Ending Fruitcake."

This fruitcake was given to my ex-wife and myself on our second Christmas together. Neither of us liked fruitcake so naturally we added it to our re-gift box. Shortly after this we decided to go our separate ways.

Two years later I remarried shortly before Christmas. My new wife and I were getting ready for Christmas - shopping and getting the decorations up. It was during this time I re-discovered the fruitcake.

In a mood for holiday mischief I sent it to my ex-wife with a joke Christmas card. Needless to say she did not see the humor in the gift.

I did not know it at the time but she still had a key for my car and proceeded to hide the now unwrapped fruitcake far under the back seat.
By the time I discovered and disposed of the cake the smell had permeated throughout the car so well that every time I now get into the car I smell "The Never Ending Fruitcake."

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