The Fruitcake That Just Wouldn't Go Away

by Ben

I was visiting my girlfriend's family. We were going to her grandparents' house. Before I got there my girlfriend informned me that her grandparents grew up during the depression and that if they offer anything to me, JUST TAKE IT!

So I figured how hard could this be? We went in and everything was going well, conversation was good, good drinks, good food at dinner. Then we retired to the family room for coffee and cake. Well, aparently her grandmother makes fruitcakes each year and they eat them. I got my piece, but there was something in it that just tasted awful. Others noticed, but kept on forging on. I couldn't do it. So I sat mine on the floor by my feet. Someone made a comment about it, so I had to keep on pretending to like it.

Well, I went to the bathroom, and thankfully I had the cake on the plate in my hands. I figured I'd flush it. I put it in, and flushed. It was so hard it stopped up the toilet. The water started to rise. I couldn't get it out. It finally ended up that everyone was in there. Her grandparents none too pleased. My girlfriend and I broke up a few days later.

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