The Fruitcake Run

by Joel

I was paralyzed in an automobile accident 18 years ago and came home after about five months from the rehabilitation center. It was right before Christmas and a family friend, who is also a retired schoolteacher and superintendent, brought me a fruitcake as a Christmas present. He makes them from scratch and delivers them to people he feels are an inspiration to him.

However, what he does not know is that even though the fruitcake is delicious, it is actually the idea of him creating this glorious delicacy with the thought of rewarding what he sees as an inspirational tale that is truly the inspiration!

Each year right before Christmas I receive a ringing at the door and it is him on his "fruitcake run." His visit only lasts five minutes at the most, but it is the thought that it is sustained well past the next fruitcake.

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