The Flaming Fruitcake

by Artecon

My grandmother liked to make fruitcakes soaked in rum for the holidays. This was normally not a problem as she would make it a month or so before we would eat it and then hang it up and let it “ripen” as we would say.

One year everything went wrong. My grandmother made the fruitcake only a couple of days before all of us were supposed to show up. What is more she didn’t hang it up like she normally did. So this fruitcake was absolutely full of alcohol. One of my Aunts noticed this and said something about not letting the kids eat it so they didn’t get drunk. So grandmother, to great effect, lit up the fruitcake in front of everyone to burn off the alcohol. She let is burn for a few seconds and then she put the lid on the pan and put it out.

Well, she should have let it a little longer because when the cake was cut up and passed over a candle it went up again! My uncle screamed like a little girl and dropped the thing catching the rest of the fruitcake still on the platter on fire as well! My quick thinking grandfather however just grabbed it all up and threw it outside. That is the story of the flaming fruitcake.

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