The Everlasting Fruitcake

by Racheal
(Jersey City, NJ, USA)

It seems,now that I think about it, that my family had this one fruitcake forever. My grandmother recieved a homemade fruitcake from a church member in 1970, as a Christmas gift. My grandmother wasn't quite sure what was in a fruitcake, so she decided to wait, ask someone, before we ate it. I was 8 and the fruitcake looked so pretty and all I wanted to do was eat the pretty cake. I mean you had to admit, all those pretty colors, trapped inside what I thought was candy. I had to have it. Well, Christmas came and went as did many more Christmas's with that fruitcake mystery unsolved.

It was almost 20 years later that my grandmother decided it was time to try a fruitcake. Now mind you, we didn't eat that fruitcake, but she was given another by a neighbor. It was even more beautiful than the one that sat on the buffet. More colors and a deeper, caramel color. Though by this time, the Internet was available, I did not think to look one up.

So it was this Christmas that my family, my two children included, ate our first bite of fruitcake. It was sweet, kind of hard, but had a heck of an after taste. Some liked it, most didn't. I found it to be intresting. Like many foods in my life, I could eat again, but I wouldn't pay money for it.

We looked at the fruitcake on the buffet and decided that it best served as a future Christmas decoration, and if you come to my house, during the Christmas season, you will see the Everlasting Fruitcake.

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