The Bunny Cake

by Abby

The Bunny Cake

The Bunny Cake

My grandmother passed away the previous Summer. Every Easter we made a "Bunny Cake" with grandma - it has been a tradition since I was a small child. This past Easter, the family didn't get together due to conflicts in schedule and vacations, so, for my birthday, I wanted a Bunny Cake to remember my grandma.

I used two 9" round pans. One round served as the bunny's face. From the second round, two ears were cut and the remaining shape resembled a bow tie.

Shredded coconut covered the ears and face. Jelly beans and Pull n Peel Twizzlers served as the face and decor for the bow tie.

In the past, I've surrounded the bunny with shredded coconut dyed green with food coloring and placed small clusters of jelly beans to resemble eggs in the coconut grass. This time, I didn't do that, but it's a good way to finish off the decor. It is meant to look goofy and homemade.

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