The Almost Upsidedown-Fruitcake

by Linda
(Boston, MA, USA)

A group of us were planning a weekend in Liverpool to visit the Beatles Museums. As we got ready to pack the car the British hostess asked my friend to carry a box to the car. Being a good sport, she lifted up the box and put it under her arm. The box was sideways, but she didn't hear anything rattle, so she assumed it was fine. On the way to the car the hostess noticed the sideways box and practically jumped out of her skin. With all the good humor and calmness she could muster she asked that the box please be carried right side up.

Later that weekend we were meet in the hostess’s hotel room for cocktails. As I entered the hotel room, everyone began to sing and sure enough there was a beautifully decorated birthday cake. I was asked to cut it, not knowing that the fondant frosting was quite hard. When I did manage to slice it, I noticed that it was a fruitcake. The hostess then told the story of the almost upside down-fruitcake. Later that evening, behind closed doors, my friend and I giggled about how with that frosting and the sturdy fruitcake inside she could have shook and dropped and it would have held up perfectly fine. It was a great birthday and fruitcake.

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