Tall Wedding Cake

by Graham
(Rocklin, CA, USA)

Tall Wedding Cake

Tall Wedding Cake

This was the wedding cake at brother's second wedding (to the same girl). The first wedding had a very simple cake made by mom with a china statue of two lovers intertwined given by sister on top. This same statue can be seen on this cake.

Although the second wedding was much bigger, the happy couple left things such as the cake up to the hotel with the only thing of importance being that the colors match the rest of the wedding. In this case blue and white. The cake itself was very basic and was included as part of the whole wedding package.

The wedding party lasted from about 11:00 a.m. until very late, so rather than everyone take cake home it was served as one of the many courses over the day. It served over 100 people. Although for some reason I think the base layer was fake as the sponge was very soft. (This was a good call as one my friends had to watch as their tiered cake collapsed during the main course).

The cake is obviously something that gets a lot of attention, but is certainly not what people remember from the wedding, it can be easy to spend lots on a cake, but what is most important are good friends to share the day with.

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