Strawberry Spring Cake

by Danni

Strawberry Spring Cake

Strawberry Spring Cake

My daughter's birthday always falls near, if not on Easter day. The year she turned ten, it was Easter day. I decided to make her a cake that fit a spring celebration type theme. So I made her the strawberry spring cake.

The cake itself is just a yellow cake mix, but I baked it the night before, let it cool, and wrapped it with plastic wrap. This did something AMAZING to it, because I have NEVER in my life has a more moist flavorful cake.

For icing the next day, I mixed up heavy whipping cream, and fresh sliced strawberries.

For the filling I used strawberry glaze and added sliced strawberries, then frosted with the cream, and topped with more strawberries, and VIOLA! An AMAZING cake. It was so good, I still have dreams about it, hahaha.

We had to make two cakes because we had so many people coming over for Easter/her party combined.

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