Star Flower Cake

by Shannon
(Michigan, USA)

I had so much fun making the cake for my daughter's 4th Birthday!

It was a standard round cake with a second round cake cut 8 times into the shape of "rays" or "petals."

This was the year that I had discovered the art of smooth frosting. To make smooth frosting, all you need to do is microwave a can of store bought frosting until it is of pouring consistency. You can then place your cake pieces on a piece of wax or freezer paper and pour the frosting gently over the top.

My daughter's favorite colors were pink and purple, so I bought some gel food coloring in vibrant colors from a cake decorating department at the craft store.

The round center of the cake was decorated with smooth purple frosting and then I used pink frosting to line the perimeter of the cake with pink florettes. This was done using a pastry bag fitted with a flower tip.

I then wrote "Juliana" across the center in very pretty cursive handwriting. After the second round cake was cut crosswise into equal 1/8ths, each piece was covered in smooth pink frosting. The pieces were then placed all around the center cake with the points near the center cake. I then took special Skittles candies in berry flavors (for their pink and purple color) and lined the outside of each flower's "petal."

Each party guest was able to have their own flower petal to eat at the party, and then the family still had the center round cake to eat on their own. My daughter talks about how awesome that cake was to this day!

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