Stand Up Cake Pan


Searching for a stand up cake pan to create a unique dessert?

You can find lots of different kinds in the live eBay auctions further down on this page.

A recent spot check showed a Wilton stand up lamb for Easter, a panda bear, a wonder doll, a snowman, a Jack-O-Lantern, a stand up Christmas tree, a Santa, a stand up train cake pan, and others.   

By using eBay you will:

  • Save time because the entire transaction can be done online and it just takes minutes to do.
  • Save gas money because you are shopping online instead of getting into your car.
  • Even be able to sell the item on eBay after you use it to get some of your money back. 

Find the kind of pan you are looking for and make a bid now!

If this is your first time as an eBay user you will see that the (free) registration process is easy.  


Money-Saving Shopping Tip: Use the eBay box above to check on the price of any other item you want.     

Here are some online sites so you can compare them to the eBay auction prices above:

  • Flavor Frenzy had a cuddly bear stand-up cake pan for $21.95. 
  • Go Antiques had a stand-up Santa mold for $12.
  • Google Shopping had many different kinds at prices starting around $19.99.

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