Square Wedding Cakes

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Three Tier Square Wedding Cake

Although a majority of brides opt for the traditional round cake for their weddings, some like to go with a square cake.

This page contains some pictures of them to help spur some ideas for future brides.

Three Tier White Wedding Cake With Roses

The one pictured here has three tiers that are separated, with real, white and pink roses in between the layers and on top. 

Rose petals are scattered on the table and with the beautiful white tablecloth, this cake looked great in photographs.

The cake was traditional white, with white butter cream icing.

Two Tier White Cake With Red Roses And Fondant Icing

Two Tier Square Wedding CakeThis two-tier beauty looked gorgeous.

It was topped with real red roses and had rose petal placed neatly on the table.

The cake itself was white, covered with white fondant.  

The black ribbons around the bottom of both layers was made out of icing.

Do It Yourself

If you are considering making your own cake or having a family member or friend make it, you might want to check out the eBay auctions for square cake pans.  

There are always dozens of them available the the perfect one for you is probably there.

If it isn't there at this moment, it probably will be when you check back later in the day or tomorrow.

Hopefully, these photos and suggestions will help to give you some ideas as you plan for your wedding. 


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